How to Help Your Kids Succeed at School

How to form an alliance with your children’s teachers

  1. At the beginning of the school year meet with your kids teacher. Explain to the teacher that you are interested, in helping your child get the best education possible and you want to help them learn. Chat with your child’s teachers and see what tips they can offer you to help with your child.      


If language happens to be a barrier, and English is a bit tough for you. Ask for someone to help interpret either ask for a translator or bring a friend or family member along to help you. Your opinions as a parent do matter.

  1. If language happens to be a barrier, and English is a bit tough for you. Ask for someone to help interpret either ask for a translator or bring a friend or family member along to help you. Your opinions as a parent do matter.
  1. Parent teacher conferences are very important to learn what is expected from your child’s teacher. Most parent teacher conferences are held once a year. It is good to find out when they are. If you have trouble with your English bring along someone who can help translate for you. It’s okay to call the school and set up a time to meet with your children’s teachers if there is a concern about your child.

How to help your child academically


  1. Talk to your teachers and see how your child is doing compared to other students is okay to ask.It helps to see how your child is doing as a student. If there are problems such as reading or math, feel free to ask your children’s teachers for help. Figuring out what the problem is now is easier to fix, rather than later in your child’s education.
  1. If you suspect your child needs help, ask for special services to help. Ask your school to evaluate your child, and if English isn’t not his or her native language ask your children’s school to evaluate them in that language. If your child has a learning disability they can receive help for free.
  1. Let your child know how important education is, and always make sure they have their homework complete every day. A way to help your child with their homework is finding a place free of distractions, and s is quiet. Helping your child with with their homework is very important for their education.

If you can’t speak English well enough or if you don’t feel confident enough to help them. Show that you are interested in helping them by being interested in their assignments and making sure that their homework is completed. Always provide the materials your child needs to get their work done.

  1. Sometimes it may be tough for you to help your child with their homework or school assignments, if you need help find homework help. Most schools have tutoring groups, after school programs, and many other types of help available to help. If there’s nobody to help your children, ask a friend, neighbor or relative to help. There should be someone who’s able to help your children with their school work.                                                                             78726889
  1. Tests are very important to our children’s education. They play a key part in understanding a student’s grade. Some schools even offer a standardized test during the child’s school. You child’s teacher may also prepare your child for these standardized tests and spend time on preparing for tests throughout the year.

You can help your child with standardized tests as a parent. There are many ways to help your child and if you want to learn more about how to help your child with test taking check out How to Help Your Child with test taking.

How to Get Involved with your child’s school work

  1. If your child’s school sends home information find out what they offer. If there’s programs that at the school offers such as a after school program or activity, musical programs, tutoring or even a sports team such as soccer, football or hockey that your child might enjoy allow them to join it. Check with other children’s parents if you are unable to find something that your child may in enjoy. Always keep track of your child’s events throughout the year.
  1. If your child’s school has parent-teacher group, volunteer or join it. Teachers enjoy parents helping with children’s school. There are many things a parent can do to help with their child’s education. Some suggestions are to help in your child’s class or the school library. Even making food for a school’s event is a suggestion (if the school allows home cooked food). If the possibility of not going during the night is because you have work, or something else that takes up your time during the day a lot of schools have parents nights or even go to your children’s performances. A lot of schools have a PTA or a PTO. that meets to talk about the school. They help learn how to improve the school and how to help your child. If you are interested in information check out How to Get Involved in your Child’s School Activities. It has many ideas on how how to get involved.