A Guide to Selecting the Best Lunch Box for Your Child

Shopping for a lunch box with dividers could be quiet confusing as there are so many varied types and styles to select from, considering all sorts of things from the right lunch box size, to searching for an insulated bag to fit inside your child’s lunch box and the right accessories, preferably themed according to your kid’s favourite cartoon character. You also need to buy only top grade quality material lunch boxes that will not adversely affect your child’s health and are easy to clean to boot.

Here is a quick guide that might help you when you go for your kid’s lunch box shopping:

Key Points to Note When Buying a Lunch Box

1. It should be BPA-free. You don’t want harmful chemicals seeping into your child’s good from poor quality plastic.

2. It should keep the food fresh. All unwrapped items should be kept fresh and sealed from the air and humidity which could affect the flavours of the food.

3. It should provide for hassle-free cleaning. One lid and dividers are all you need for a lunch box that is a breeze to wash up.

4. It should have a comfortably convenient size. Neither a too large lunch box that weighs down your child or takes up too much space in their school bag, or a too small one with barely any space for a sweet treat or two would do. Something in the middle of these two types would be ideal.

5. It should have perfect portions. A lunch box with dividers should be adequately portioned into separate sections so that your child can have a good amount of each type of food you put in it.